New Purchase || New look Gold Watch

New look is by far the best place I know so far to get nice affordable watches and accessories in general. They have such a wide variety of watches especially; from bracelet watches to leather strap watches, in so many different styles, sizes, shapes and colors.

I popped in there today to get a watch for myself and found it so hard to choose which one to get. There were so many lovely ones, so many choices but  my favorite ones where these two; but in the end, I decided to get just the gold one… which is strange because I love rose gold.

The watch I got was £19.99, but I paid only £15 for it after using a discount voucher given to me by my friend Tracy (Hi Tracy!!! ^_^)



My cousin in Nigeria also asked me to get a few watches for her. I’ll be going on holiday tomorrow (… to Nigeria) so I’ve already packed most of them away. However, I did put one of them in my hand bag which is the one below. What do you think?


I love accessories but I don’t always like trying out new items or styles by going for a really expensive brand. So if you know of any other place that sells really nice accessories, please let me know by commenting below. Thank you ^_^

Until next time!!! and wish me a safe trip.


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