Beauty || Did you know Makeup Expires? – Part 2

So earlier I posted a question about if you knew make-up expires and how do you find the expiry date of your make up. Take a minute to look at one of your make up items and see if you find an expiry date. You probably wouldn’t. What you’ll find is a little logo, like a round container with a lid open and a number on the container.



That’s the ‘expiry’ time of your item. It’s not exactly a date but it tells you how many months you can use your item for, from when you first use it!

There’s no one place that this icon can be found. However it would mostly be found on the box of your item or the bottom of your item.

It may also be under a label or barcode. Some icons are really small in this case, I’d advice you check this out on the company’s website or google. You may be shocked to find out that this icon is on a lot of cosmetic items. I found it on my shower gel, on my hair products, everything. It was like a massive revelation!


I always knew make up had some sort of use by period and had rough ideas of how long this was for different types of products. I didn’t know how to find this out by myself when I picked up my, for example, my mascara; until my friend Tonye (Hi Tonye!!!) pointed this out to me on our facetime call.   So credits to her ^_^

Until next time…



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4 thoughts

  1. Wow! Who would have thought! I always thought that number in the icon was the amount/grams/ounces of the product to be honest.


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