Look book ||Spring Wardrobe – Green blazer

Hi Everyone,

Would you believe me if I told you this was an all Primark look? (with the exception of the jeans which you all probably know by now is from TopShop ^_^ *covers face* ). However, I did ‘tweak’ my blazer a bit, to make it different and “my-style”.


Green blazer, grey crop top and Jeans

Outfit details

Blazer Primark, Crop top Primark, Jeans TopShop, Shoes Primark, Rings Primark

What I did to my blazer is quite simple and easy to do. All I did was add the gold rivets to the blazer lapel. I absolutely love these rivets and they are so easy to attach to any piece of clothing. I also used them to tweak my Olive coat  from one of my previous posts. I got the rivets from hobbycraft.co.uk and it was £3 for 50 pieces. I found them on MyUniDays account and they offer a 10% student discount. They are a really good store and are quite affordable. I have fallen in love with them so much; I buy a lot of my DIY materials from them. So they are really good store to check out if you’re a student like myself and also into crafts and DIYs.

DSC_0010[1] DSC_0008[1]


So what do you think? Yay or Nay?




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