How to Pamper yourself at homeHi everyone!!!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s that you always need some ‘me’ time. I love having me time once in a while, but then again who doesn’t? ^_^

I try to make out time one evening every week just to make myself feel girlie. I dig out all my favorite beauty products or any new products I’d bought to try out and get to work.

So there I was one evening, having me time and decided it would be nice to share with you what I do. So I’ll be sharing with you a few things you could do at home during me-time that’ll bring the spa to you!!!


How to Pamper yourself at home

 Self conditioning

How to Pamper yourself at home

In order for you to feel like you’re at the spa, your environment needs to feel spa like (… or at least close enough!) . What I do is to start off by making a cup of tea. Fruit-teas or herbal-teas are perfect for such times as spas tend to go with the whole ‘healthy & natural’ theme.

The next self conditioning tasks is to put on some nice music – Jazz, Soul, or any genre of music that you find relaxes you. This would help put you in a calm mood. For times like these, I absolutely love Asa… She’s my favourite Nigerian artist.

If you are like me and like to be a little extra, wrap your hair in a towel, put your house robe on and let the pampering begin ^_^.

Facial Treatment

On a weekly basis I use my tea tree face mask to minimize breakouts. This is usually on a saturday night. However during me time I tend to do something a bit extra. On some occasions I make a face masks from honey and lemon juice or just honey. Sometimes I just use another face masks I have in my collection. On this evening I used my peel off mask because my skin was looking a little dry, so I decided to get rid of the dead skin lying around.

How to Pamper yourself at home


The peel of mask I used is a fairly new product to me and it seems to do the job. Maybe not as effectively as other brands I’ve used before but it’s still does the job. I got it from superdrug for £3. I personally love peel off masks. I always find it fascinating when it’s time to peel off the mask. It makes me feel like “Yes!!! Bye bye dead skin“.

While I wait for the mask to dry however, I sip on my cup of tea very relaxing. Once the mask is off, I wash my face with warm water and my regular face wash and then moisturise with either a mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil or almond oil and tea tree oil.

Mani Pedi!!!

How to Pamper yourself at home How to Pamper yourself at home

The next thing I tend to do and my favourite part is painting my nails!! There’s nothing more girlie to me than getting your nails done ^_^. On occasions like this I tend to go for very bright colours, or try out a new pattern on my nails. Sometimes it goes okay, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all part of the fun.

How to Pamper yourself at home

Bath – Scrub or Soak

After all the pampering, taking care of the little details, it’s time for a warm bath or shower. Use an exfoliating body wash, body polish or body scrub if you’re having a shower. Soak in some aromatic bath salts if you’re having a bath. Either ways, when you are doing, moisturize your skin with your best body oil or lotion. If you are going to do this as well, i.e. bathe, then you don’t need to take off your face mask until this point.

So my lovelies take time out once in a while to pamper yourself. You may not always be able to go to the spa but you can definitely bring it to you.

Until Next Time!!!



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    It’s funny how I still do this on a regular basis and I wrote this post last year march! I’m just about to have a little Friday pamper session and this proves that old habits truly die hard! – Read about how I pamper myself weekly and how you can do the same! ^_^


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