Hi everyone,

So mother’s day is fast approaching and I’m sure some of you might still be thinking of what to get your mum for mother’s day. You maybe thinking of last minute gift ideas or maybe just something else to add to the gift you’ve already gotten for her. So today I would be sharing with you 3 simple gifts you can give your mum for mother’s day.

#1- Teddy in a mug.

This is quite a simple gift and would be much appreciated especially if your mum loves drinking tea or hot chocolate or coffee. It’s also quite a cute gift which is nice and pretty because we sometimes tend to forget that our mother’s were once little girls, ladies and now mum’s. So they still have that little girl within them that they do like to let out once in a while and this gift would do the trick.

They had something similar to this in the tesco for about £5 a pair but I got the teddy bear and the mug from the poundland for £1 each.


#- Pamper gift set

This gift is quite a common and probably cliché gift to give to your mum but in my opinion, giving this to her especially on mother’s day would mean a lot. These sort of gifts say “Mum, I know you may be feeling stressed; so have this pamper set and give yourself a treat”.









This particular one is a foot cream and soft socks set and cost about £4-£5 from tesco (I am sorry, I can’t find the receipt). Bodyshop is quite good for such gifts but you can also check any drug store as a lot of them tend to roll out these kind of gifts around these sort of periods.

#- Gift Hamper

Last but not the least and my favourite gift of all is a DIY gift hamper. I love it the most because it requires a little more thought than the rest. You basically start with an empty hamper basket and fill it up with loads of goodies that you know your mum would like. I got this basket from poundland as well and it is actually an Easter egg basket but it serves the purpose.






Although this isn’t an exact example of what I would give my mum, I filled it up with a few goodies just to give you an idea of what things you can include in it. I filled mine with a pen, some chocolates, hand cream, body butter, an exfoliating sponge and I also put a teddy bear in it. Your hamper basket can include absolutely anything!, and that’s the beauty of it because you would be bringing together little pieces of the things your mum likes into one gift. It would also be a very personalised gift, specially made for her because there would be none like it anywhere else in the WORLD!



I hope you found this post useful and I would love to hear what other gift ideas you have for mother’s day.

Until next time


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