When the sun comes out, it means it’s time to play. It also means summer is close and spring is here. I absolutely love the spring weather. It’s so beautiful but can also be chilly as well. So this spring I decided to get this lovely long wrap coat for the season as it’s just so perfect for the weather right now.

I decided that I wanted to try something different from the staple leather jacket and it seems to be working great for me.


This particular piece is not so thick but warm enough to keep out the spring breeze.



I got this coat at a very good price and it was quite a bargain. It cost me only £24.99 from S-ponder. DSC_0123It’s not a widely known store but I was quite impressed with this piece. It comes in Olive, Grey, Navy blue and Black. It originally doesn’t come with the gold rivets on the collar but I thought it was a bit plain so I fixed some on both sides.

My top’s from Primark and it cost me £8. My leggings are from H&M and cost about £3.99 (not too sure right now, I’ve had them for a while but they are from their basic collection). The shoes are from Kurt Geiger (Miss K.G.).











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