How to clear up your closet

The one issue that I am sure is common to everyone, both ladies and gents, is how to organise your wardrobe in such a way that you can see EVERYTHING you own at the same time and also a way to organise them such that messing it up would take a ‘lil’ effort. lol . Personally, being able to see all I own at the same time is the most important thing when it comes to my wardrobe. Unfortunately things aren’t always so rosy and my wardrobe does get very messy

How to clear up your closet

Luckily when I get to this point I know exactly what to do to restore my wardrobe to sanity. ROLL IT!!!  I discovered this trick a few years back as a pathfinder when I was preparing to go camping. We were advised by our counselors to roll our clothing as it would save space in our rucksack. I also found out recently that a friend of mine (Hi Anthonia 😀 ) knows about this same trick. Applying this to your wardrobe not only saves you space and is hard to mess up (because it’s so easy to roll clothes back into place :D) but also allows you see everything you own too. ISN’T THAT AWESOME ^_^?

How to clear up your closet


The difference is clear. There’s no major trick to it and it’s not rocket science. Literally just roll them away. Folding can get a bit too complicated for clothes with certain cuts or clothes made out of certain fabrics, like a thick jumper; I find them hard to fold away but rolling them is a piece of cake. Here are a few examples


How to Roll Clothes


How to fold clothes!

Of course not every item is foldable or roll-able and sometimes you have those items you want to leave hanging like a dress, a coat or even a scarf! It is however very important not to get your ‘hang-rail‘ too packed because if put too many items on your rail, you won’t be able to see what you have when you’re trying to put together an outfit quick – this can be annoying!


How to clear up your closet

How to clear up your closet

Rolling clothes doesn’t only apply to your wardrobe. You can also use them for your drawers and I think this is the best way to arrange your clothes in your drawer. I’m sure you’ve experienced those times when you fold your clothes into a drawer and somehow forget that there are clothes at the bottom of the pile. If you roll them you would see EVERYTHING! ^_^

How to clear up your closet

How do you organise your clothes?


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