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How to survive in heels

So we were all trying out our outfits, my friends and I, for a friend’s birthday dinner. She was going for an elegant theme so everyone had to wear dresses and heels. I was excited but I seemed to be the only one… lol… Even the celebrant herself was wondering how she would survive in heels for the whole evening.

I am sure this is quite a common thing for a lot of ladies and I am not claiming to be the queen of heels but there are a few things I do and have done in the past to get me to the point where wearing heels isn’t a problem. So today I would be sharing with you my Top 5 Tips on how to become a heel wearing goddess… lol :D.

1- Practice!!!

You may find this funny and say it is not that serious, but it is actually very important to practice walking in heels.It is almost like learning to ride a bike without training wheels… Yes it is. If you look at the structure of heels, you would find that to walk in them you have to balance your weight on quite a small ‘area’ or ‘pole’ or let’s just stick to the word heel. This is not the way we were taught to walk as a child so if you want to become confident in wearing heels you HAVE to practice.

How to Survive in Heels

When I buy a new pair of  new heels, I spend at least 30 minutes wearing them all around the house – in my room, to the kitchen, everywhere! Why? Because this gives me a better perspective of what the shoe is actually like and it also allows me some time to get ‘acquainted’ with my new shoes.

When you purchase shoes in store you have limited mobility but when you are at home, you have more space to explore. So definitely practice wearing your shoes at home. You probably need more than 30 minutes though if you are not so confident in heels yet. The 30 minute time frame also doesn’t have to be at a stretch. It can be at different times such as when tidying up your room, doing dishes, etc. Bottom line… PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! ^_^

2 – Invest in your heels! – Buy good heels

How to Survive in Heels

I have learnt from experience that spending money to get a good pair of heeled shoes should is definitely worth it! You may say to yourself “Store A and Store B have the same type of shoe… but it’s cheaper in A“and I have also said this to myself so many times, I still do sometimes. However, things are not always the way they seem! Before you decide to go for the cheaper pair,  there are a few things you need to look at carefully before you make your choice!

In most cases the more ‘expensive’ pair will have a better bond between the actual shoe and the heel which gives better balance and reduces the chances of your heels wobbling!

There may be a difference in the material used for the sole, which determines how much grip you have to the ground when you wear them. This would reduce the chances of you slipping!

There may also be a difference in the insole padding. A more padded pair gives you extra comfort, even with flat shoes!

Off course this is not always the case, i.e. some ‘cheap’ shoes have all these things, So whatever the case may be, when you’re about to purchase a pair of heels, it is very important to look out for these 3 things – They’ll save you a lot of stress!

3 – Spray your feet!

Do you know why your pinky toe and/or big toe blister? Do you know why they hurt when you wear some shoes? This is probable because your feet are sweating and the constant rubbing of your feet against the inside of your shoe causes it to hurt and sometimes leads to blistering. It may sound weird, but spraying your feet with antiperspirants before you wear your shoes can reduce the amount of sweat your feet produces, hence less painful rubbing = hence longer heel wearing time :D.

4 – Minimise your movement…

This follows from point 3. When you wear heels to an event or occasion, try not to make unnecessary ‘trips’ when at the event. This would reduce how much walking you do, hence less painful rubbing, hence longer heel wearing. Lol. ^_^

5 – Take off your shoes when you can.

Again, this may also sound weird but when you have the chance to, take off your heels and let your feet breathe. However, this only works best with slip on shoes, i.e. Shoes that don’t require a buckle, as you can easily slide your feet in and out of them. When I go to dinners and I have my feet under the table, I slip my feet out of my shoes, enjoy my meal and when it’s time for pictures I put them back on again. This way my feet don’t stay confined all the time.


So there they are – My top 5 tips on how to survive in heels.

How do you survive in your heels?


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10 thoughts

  1. Cannot stress how important point number 1 is! Practice is everything. Curious thing is I’ve stopped getting blisters for over a year now, nothings changed they just magically disappeared, don’t suppose anybody else has noticed this either? Anyhow, I’m not gonna complain about not getting blisters, but I wish I could share my secret.

    1. I know right! Practice makes perfect! and maybe your feet just got used to them or blister resistant! ^_^ I wish I was as lucky as you… I don’t get them that often anymore though – It’s mostly with new heels these days…

      Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

  2. I’m actually tall and I don’t wear heels most times but any time I wear them,it’s like I’m giving myself work………

  3. Lol I’m so with you on this post. I loveee my heels. I never thought I’d be as comfortable as I am in them. Love them. I do the weirdest things to make em comfortable but it works for me.
    *we be all night, heeeells* 💃💃


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