Lets talk Valentine || Outfit-sipration

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog again. Today’s post is coming earlier than I planned but it snowed today (Yay!!!) and I just had to take advantage of the snow to have a little ‘photo shoot’ for my valentine outfit inspiration.



I really love this outfit and I think it’s the perfect outfit for a date in valentine’s day. I am a big fan of the Bardot style top especially because it can be very flattering and concealing at the same time. It gives you a feminine look and at the same time hides away any belly fat you may have, which is sometimes not so flattering. Personally, I love it even more because I love to eat… Yes… So when I go out I like to wear outfits that would allow me to eat just as much as I want to without worrying about my tummy getting big ^_^.



Of course it’s still winter time, so feel free to layer up with a jacket or blazer. It still looks as chic ^_^.





My Jeans are from Top-Shop and you probably know by now that they are my favorite jeans… lol *covers face*. They cost £36 and are the Joni super high-waisted skinny jeans in sky blue. My top is from primark and it cost me £6 or £8 when I got it, I can’t really remember right now. There’s also a similar one on boohoo.com.

My shoes are my new babies from office and they were on sale for £20 from £65… BARGAIN!!!.

My jacket is from Newlook and it’s a water fall leather sleeve jacket.



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Until next time everyone.


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