DIY || Fabric Strap Watch [Ankara]

DIY Ankara Fabric Watch

Today’s post is my first DIY post and I am super excited. I’ll be giving you a step by step guidel on how to make your very own fabric strap watch!!!

What you would need:

A long strip of fabric;
About 4 inches thick and at least 3 times the perimeter of your wrist. , It could be any scrap fabric you have at home. The fabric I am using is called ankara, an african textile.

A watch face;
Either brand new or from an old watch

Something to bind your fabric

Either a needle and thread, a sewing machine or fabric iron on adhesive. I would be using the iron on adhesive for my watch today

A pair of scissors 

An iron

A measuring tape

Tailoring chalk (optional)

Total time needed (Approx. 10 mins)

[The links to the Watch face and Iron on adhesive I used can be found at bottom of the page]


Step 1- Cut and shape the fabric

The first thing you need to do is measure your wrist and then multiply whatever value you get by 3.


Then measure your piece of cloth and cut it according to the measurements you got. The length should be the value you got previously and the width, 4 inches thick


Next, fold the fabric into two, making sure that you fold it with the ‘out-side’ of the fabric being inside the fold. Then iron it flat.


Next, take the iron on adhesive, measure it to the length of your fabric, place it in between the open longer edge of your fabric and then iron it down. The adhesive I used was quite thick and had a paper back attached to one side of it. So I cut it into two and then ironed it down on one side, peeled off the paper back and then ironed the fabric together [See pictures below].

IMG_6077 IMG_6081 IMG_6078 IMG_6084

Do the same thing for one of the smaller edges of the fabric as shown below. You should have the long edge sealed and one small edge sealed as well.



Now you have your fabric strap, BUT inside out! So you need to turn it ‘out-side’ out (or good side out) as shown below. By the time you are done the fabric should have a shape similar to a tube, like the picture below.



Now, you need to close up the other small edge of the fabric. To do so, flatten out the fabric by pressing your palm across it’s length… pick up the fabric, fold it in a little bit (just enough for the adhesive to lie on). Then, cut a small piece of the adhesive, place it in between the opening and iron it down like you did before [See pictures below]. Then iron the whole strap flat and voila!!! you have your fabric strap



 Step 2- Attach Strap to watch face

Insert the Fabric into your watch face [as shown in the pictures below]. Fold the tip of the strap in a triangular manner, insert it into the watch face hole and pull. After you are done this for both ends of the watch face, the back and front of the watch should look like the pictures below!





You have now made your fabric watch!!!

Step 3: Wearing the watch

There are two ways you can wear your watch. The first is a double strap method. For this method you pull the fabric lying on the back of your watch face, insert your wrist into the space you have created while holiding the ends of the watch with your other hand. Then you wrap the two ends you are holding on your wrist and make a bow [See pictures below].


IMG_6247IMG_6253 IMG_6261 IMG_6265  IMG_6271IMG_6277

The second and easier way is a single strap method, All you have to do is wrap the ends of the strap to your wrist and make a bow as well. [see pictures below].

IMG_6301 IMG_6310

The important thing to note is that after putting the watch on, make sure your tie the ends together in a simple knot so you can take it off easily but also tight enough so it doesn’t fall off.

The watch face cost me a£3.60 with delivery charges, However the seller I bought it from on ebay had a buy 1, get 1 free offer, so I got two different faces for £3.60, which is a bargain for such a unique and easy watch to make ^_^.



I hope you liked this post. Don’t forget to comment and like below.

Until next time…


Watch Face Ebay £3.60 for 1 (Including delivery to the UK. Buy 1 get 1 free offer is still on ^_^)

Iron on Adhesive Hobby Crafts £3.75 for 10 yards


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